Certified Storage Tank & Piping Work

Our principal, Clark Miller, is certified by the PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to conduct regulated tank handling and inspection activities.  Federal and State regulations establish 14 different certification categories--11 installer categories and 3 inspector categories.


Tank owners need to know which activites a person is certified to conduct before hiring his/her services.  Click Here to view or download the PDF " Understanding the Certification Categories."


Mr. Miller has 20 years experience with regulated storage tanks and is certified in the following catagories: AMEX, AMMX, AMR, IUM, UMR & UMX


  • Have an underground storage tank that's due for an inspection to maintain regulatory compliance?
  • Need an aboveground or underground manufactured storage tank removed in compliance with DEP regulations?
  • Planning to install new aboveground or underground metallic storage tanks, or modify/upgrade existing ones?
  • Or just have general questions about storage tanks and their regulations?


Please call Clark Miller (direct) at 717-773-8639, or email.


Storage Tank Cleaning Storage Tank Cleaning
Storage Tank Cleaning Storage Tank Cleaning
Regulated Underground Storage Tank Removals
Regulated Aboveground Tank Modification
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