Sign Space Rentals

ATTENTION Small Business Owners in northern Dauphin County, Pennsylvania.


Looking for an affordable, effective way to drive more traffic (literally!) to your store/ well as your website?  How?  Rent space on a roadside sign from Miller Specialty Services.  Consider this:


Psychological research proves that consumers most frequently patronize the names/brands that "stick" in their minds; and those names/brands get "stuck" as a result of repetitive feedback--seeing and/or hearing the name/brand over and over.


Major national brands know this, of course, and that's why they spend millions of dollars annually on print, radio, television and Internet advertising to keep their brand fresh in the minds of the viewer/listener.  They also spend thousands of dollars monthly for billboard advertising (signs up to 1200 sq. ft. in area) along major primary and interstate highways.


Why are billboard/highway advertisement signs effective?

  • The message/display is visible to anyone who travels past it...24/7/365.
  • The consumer doesn't search or seek out the message...the message appears in his/her field of vision when approaching the sign.
  • People (consumers) are creatures of habit, and travel the same route(s) day after day, week after week, year after year.
  • Repetitive, subconscious viewing of the message stimulates subliminal memory:  a person will remember your name/brand or message at some future time when triggered by a related though or event.


Unfortunately, in the above billboard example, those kinds of advertising costs are simply out of the question for the average small business budget.  Fortunately, however, Miller Specialty Services has an effective, alternate solution for you, the small business owner:  a 32 sq. ft. (8' wide x 4' high) display advertisement strategically located along routes 147 and 225 in the Halifax, PA area.


By their nature roadside signs are completely "hands off."  Once designed, produced and posted, they require no further involvement on your part...unless/until you wish to change the display.  Of all the traditional forms of advertising, roadside advertising truly is "set it and forget it!"  Your message goes to work stimulating its viewers' subconscious memory day and night, sun or clouds, rain, snow or fog (well, maybe not thick fog!), workday or holiday, day after day...whenever anyone passes by.


Are Miller Specialty Services advertising sign rentals affordable?  Absolutely, surprisingly affordable!  Because our overhead is low, your rental costs are low.  Plus, we'll even bill you on an annual basis.  Now you, the small business owner, can reap the benefits of this turn-key model that traditionally costs thousands of dollars a month...with rental space starting at less than one dollar a day.


Here's a partial list of local businesses currently advertising with Miller Specialty Services' Sign Rentals:

  • Armstrong Valley Winery                            Halifax, PA  17032
  • Bellis Chiropractics                                     Elizabethville, PA  17023
  • Bergey Water Treatment Services               Elizabethville, PA  17023
  • Elizabethville Furniture Company                 Elizabethville, PA  17023
  • Elizabethville Monument Company               Elizabethville, PA  17023
  • Goldglo Nursery                                         Millersburg, PA  17061
  • HandCraftedHardwoodFurniture.Com           Halifax, PA  17032
  • Hornings Amish Furniture                            Lykens, PA  17048
  • JCT Realty                                                 Millersburg, PA  17061
  • Meme's Boutique                                        Halifax, PA  17032
  • Riverview Nails                                           Halifax, PA  17032
  • Valley Waste                                              Tower City, PA  17980


Contact Clark Miller (direct) at 717-773-8639 or email him to learn how Miller
Specialty Services' Sign Space Rental can benefit your business.